Decentralized, simple, and transparent financial tools

Mugen is transforming the yield management industry by connecting multiple public Decentralized Apps (DApps) and the messaging protocol of Layer Zero. Allowing anyone to generate yield by simply holding Mugen. Representing a variety of yield sources from different chains, with different strategies.

We have the potential to unlock large, untapped revenue sources for protocols and users alike. Through its bonding curve design, and protocol-owned treasury run through governance Mugen will bridge the gap between multiple protocols and users.

Our History

The Idea for Mugen was born after the collapse of many CeDeFi businesses as well as several defi protocols. Shortly after this development started, with the intention of creating a more transparent and diverse set of yield strategies.

Allowing users to control where these funds go and at what proportion. As we develop we will move away from heavy influence from the core team and towards a more decentralized existence.

The Goal

Mugen was created with the goal of allowing users to collect yields from many different protocols and chains in one simple way.

The protocol team also intends to provide other products outside of the core yield strategy, that do not require Mugen to use. The first such example is cross-chain swaps with Uniswap V3 and Stargate Finance.

Our Strategies

Building on top of the best projects in the space in order to generate the most attractive yield possible while controlling risk.

Diversifying between strategies that implement both bullish and non-directional stances in order to minimize downside.

  • Mugen Finance Services

    Providing strong yield and balanced risk between bullish price-action and non-directional strategies.


    Deposit USDC into our yield aggregator, utilizing both price-bullish and non-directional strategies

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    Staking Mugen will allow users to receive the yield generated from the strategies. Rewards are paid out in WETH, and vest pro rata over a 30-day period.

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    Cross-chain swap

    Swap tokens on any chain and from one chain to another.

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    Arbitrum technology is an L2 expansion Optimistic Rollup, a remedy to Ethereum network congestion and transaction cost crisis.

    Efficient strategies with low fees

    We use Arbitrum to provide a low-cost, high-performance, and secure platform for our strategies.

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